about Mary

My work has grown out of a need for some color and life in our garden. Our first few years here in Phoenix,AZ were a gardening disaster, because most everything I planted died. Although bad for our budget, it was just what I needed to push me into creating pieces that would brighten up our backyard and lives.

I have been drawing these simple floral images since I was a young girl. Some of the designs are even combinations of flowers, but all of them bring a smile to the viewer. Maybe it’s the childlike simplicity why people are attracted to the work.

Mary Carving in Studio - 1Clay does have a tendency to bring us into an earthy place. When these mid-range fired, ceramic wall-hangings are hung in an interior environment, the contrast of the texture and color becomes a surprise to the viewer. When the images are oversized and hanging inside, it brings a new type of joy into the home.

Enjoying the processes building one of my pieces is a highlight for me. Many decisions go into each piece every time I set foot in my studio. The best of all for me is opening up my kiln to see how the piece turned-out after the firing. Sometimes it’s not what I expected and I love the challenge to figure out what I can do to change it. That’s the true joy of ceramics.