Poppies – “Poppy/Pappy”

4 Tile poppy with budThe word Pappy means Señor in Spanish. This is according to my older sister, whose horse bears this name. Ever since we were kids she loved riding and desired to own a horse. Well, 30 years later her loving husband allowed her to buy “Pappy” I heard “Poppy” when she first told me about him.

After about 2 ½ years during a lesson she took a bad fall breaking some bones and her confidence with her horse. Her teacher recommended selling her beautiful animal for a gentler one. She did and her dream then broke.

This piece that you see here is for my sister. The clay I chose specifically for its nature to crack during the drying process (her broken dream). The flowers, which are California Poppies, were chosen because of all their years spent schooling during their under grad and post grad times and the name of her horse. Even though the piece is cracked, it’s still beautiful, just like the experience she had with her horse.

This is from my heart to you, Liz. Dreams do come true…they just look different sometimes. I love you.


2 thoughts on “Poppies – “Poppy/Pappy””

  1. Love your website Mary. And of course I love your tiles. The beautiful tiles that we are blessed to have about our home bring me pure joy! From the single tile sitting on my kitchen counter to remind me of you, to the bright and cheery orange poppies that brighten up our atrium…LOVE THEM ALL!

    1. Christine…I just found this sweet comment. Thanks! You know how much I appreciate it and I know how much you guys love your piece. Your love for each other inspired me.

      Now I have no idea how you are going to receive this message so let’s talk and let me know.

      Love you, Mair

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